This is the principle aim of every forest nursery manager – growing root crops. The number one quality criteria for forest seedlings.

Sweden is unanimous for its forests. And BCC has been part of this heritage for the past 35 years. We understand the importance of growing seedlings with top quality root systems.

Our equipment and growing containers designs have been based on this basic principle.

This all led to the development of the AirBlockTM and AirCellTM growing concepts in the early 1990’s. The growing system focuses on the active guiding and lateral development of root systems in forest seedlings. The open design in combination with elevated growing frames and benches ensures that optimal air pruning is achieved. This system was adopted by growers around the world including Scandinavia and South East Asia. Still today many of our customers grow top quality forest seedlings in these growing systems.

With the advent and introduction of degradable paper growing solutions, it was a natural process for us to incorporate the same design principles into our FiberCell holders. Ultimately it is the design of the holder that will determine the development and structure of the forest seedling’s root system.

Our FiberCell96 holder is a good example of where the AirBlock technology was incorporated into its design. The FiberCell96 holder is the ultimate paper holder when it comes to optimal root development, minimal root deformation, ventilation, air-pruning (vertical and horizontal) and bottom drainage. Introduced in 2016, it has now become the industry standard in South East Asia for the propagation of paper-based forest cuttings and seedlings.

When you purchase a FiberCell holder, it comes with decades of experience in forest seedling propagation incorporated in its design.

We understand how to design trays for forestry, in order to grow root crops, successfully.



Visit to Indonesia in September 2023

In September this year, our Senior Nursery Specialists Marco Almedia and Heinz Reinstorf visited a nursery in Indonesia that uses our FiberCell systems. Below is an evaluation of their visit: "2023 has been an exciting year. I had the opportunity to travel to...

BCC at COP28!

We are proud to announce that BCC will be one of the partner companies to represent Team Sweden at COP28 in December 2023. We look forward to participate in this conference and be able to contribute with our knowledge and expertise within afforestation and...

New Fibercell paper!

The new paper combines different biobased fibers to create an environmentally friendly product with the degradation time desired by the customer. This paper is used for propagation of a wide variety of crops with impressive results, which ensures you to get your FiberCell paper according to your needs!

BCC are happy to announce the hiring of Marco Almeida

At BCC Plant the Planet we are happy to announce the hiring of Marco Almeida. Marco has a background as forestry consultant. He has extensive experience with more than 30 years in the sector, mainly in Brazil and South America.