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Holding Area Irrigation Boom

Holding Area Irrigation Boom


Holding Area Booms: Length – 120m effective (holding area length 128m). Width – 38m (maximum)
Holding Area Booms with hose car Length – 180m effective (holding area length 190m). Width – 38m (maximum)
Combi Booms  Length – 105m effective (holding area length 110m) Width – 15m (maximum)
Power supply 1X 230V, 50Hz (depends on requirement)
Power requirement 0.5kW
Operating pressure 2-3Bar – recommended in spray line
Water supply pressure  5-6Bar – recommended at point of connection
Operating speed Variable speed: 0–10m/min

To ensure optimum growth and even development of plants, it is essential that each individual plant receives the correct amount of water throughout its propagation period. Since the surface area of each tray cell is relatively small, the quality of application is even more vital. Further to this, the limited volume of moisture reserves in small containers also means that critical moisture stresses can develop quickly. The BCC Holding Area Booms fulfil the water application requirements for containerised forest nurseries while guaranteeing flexible and reliable functioning.

The design is based on a modular concept. Features can be adjusted and added according to growing requirements.