We are happy to announce that Greenhouse Technologies is joining our FiberCell dealer network!

Greenhouse Technologies specializes in high-quality greenhouse related products to the horticulture and agriculture industry. This includes a range of tunnel and multi-span structures, greenhouse plastic films, certified growing media from Klasmann-Deilmann (peat moss, coir etc) and irrigation systems from Irritec. GHT operates from its main warehouse facilities in City Deep established in 2007, and have since expanded to 5 warehouses nationwide with a team of 50 employees.

GHT sources from the best suppliers to bring customers consistency in quality of world-class products for tailor-made solutions, combined with the highest level of after sales support ensuring customer satisfaction.

At BCC Plant the Planet we are excited to introduce Greenhouse Technologies as a partner who shares our commitment to excellence.

For more information: http://www.ghtech.co.za




New Fibercell paper!

The new paper combines different biobased fibers to create an environmentally friendly product with the degradation time desired by the customer. This paper is used for propagation of a wide variety of crops with impressive results, which ensures you to get your FiberCell paper according to your needs!

BCC are happy to announce the hiring of Marco Almeida

At BCC Plant the Planet we are happy to announce the hiring of Marco Almeida. Marco has a background as forestry consultant. He has extensive experience with more than 30 years in the sector, mainly in Brazil and South America.

Growing root crops

We understand how to design trays for forestry, in order to grow root crops, successfully. When you purchase a FiberCell holder, it comes with decades of experience in forest seedling propagation incorporated in its design.

We are strengthening our FiberCell team further!

We are strengthening our FiberCell team further and would like to welcome Leandro Costa to BCC Plant the Planet. With extensive experience in the industry, he will be a great asset to both customers and the BCC team!