BCC Multirow FiberCell machine

FiberCell Filling Machines

FiberCell’s Filling machines are in the forefront of development. Our machines are durable and of the highest quality standards. FiberCell supply reliability, good functionality, and minimal downtime, which offers our customers high efficiency in their operations.

BCC FiberCell paper

Fibercell Paper

Using FiberCell paper gives you the opportunity to grow the ideal rootplug with a large biomass. We supply a range of paper which degrades naturally over time.


FiberCell Holder

FiberCell Holders

All FiberCell Holders are designed to give your seedlings or cuttings the best possible start in life with a well-developed root system.


BCC Tray washer

Tray Washing & Desinfection

Our Tray Washer ensures effective removal of mineral particles, organic and inorganic components and biological contaminants from used growing containers/FiberCell Holders.


Substrate Handling

Growing substrate in containerised nurseries supplies water, oxygen, mineral nutrients and physical support to the seedlings.




The Holding Area Booms fulfill the water application properly throughout the germination process. We offer customized irrigation systems based on the needs of the customer’s specific nursery.

BCC seeding-&-setting

Sowing & Setting

We have a number of high quality, efficient & customized solutions for sowing seeds and setting of cuttings in growing containers & FiberCells.



Transplanting & Sorting

Innovative grading and sorting machine equipped with Aris AI ready advanced vision technology.



BCC System Line Integration

System Integration

Nurseries are generally complex facilities consisting of many different components that need to be put together in the best possible way to ensure good quality seedlings are produced at the end of the day. We provide all the valuable expertise you need!

BCC Dibbler

Nursery Equipment

We provide equipment for efficient and effortless solutions in the nursery.