BCC started development of its new FiberCell concept in 2011 based on intensive nursery and infield trials in commercial forestry operations in the Southern Hemisphere. The FiberCell system consists of FiberCell paper, FiberCell holders, filling machines that are suitable both for the small and the big plant producer. Trials are currently still ongoing to develop the concept even further in order to find the optimum solutions for various growing conditions and climates!

1-row FiberCell Filler

1-row FiberCell filler  an ideal filler for smaller nurseries (up to -30.000 cells per day) or for medium to long term large scale commercial trials. The preferred choice for remote areas.

Multi Row Filler

Multi-row FiberCell fillers are ideal fillers for large scale operations (up to 300.000-350.000 cells per day) and are designed based on the configuration of the holder used.


Using BCC’s FiberCell paper gives you the opportunity to grow ideal rootplug with a large biomass, good lateral root development, complete air pruning with high ratio of active root tips…


The design of FiberCell holders reflects the experience and input we have gained from researchers and nurserymen worldwide. All our growing containers are manufactured….

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