Tray Covering Unit



Dimensions mm: 950 x 850 x 1750 (depending on height of conveyor belt)
Weight kg: 85
Power requirement: 0,18kW
Power supply: 3 x 400V, 50Hz
Maximum production capacity:
HIKO 20 trays/minute
PLANTEK/SIDE SLIT 13-18 trays/minute
INSERT FRAME  10 trays/minute

To create a cool and moist micro-climate conducive to seed germination, seed is covered with a layer of material after the sowing process. This layer also protects the seed during the germination phase. Mulching material is sometimes used to physically hold the seed in place and prohibit excessive growth of algae and moss.

The BCC Tray Covering Unit is used to cover trays with a thin and uniform layer of material after sowing. The unit is fully integrated into the BCC Filling and Sowing line.