Our sustainable strategy

Sustainability is our priority. We're committed to practices responsible business to ensure a safe and healthy planet for future generations. Our long-term success is tied to sustainable standards across sourcing, manufacturing, and product development.

Through our strategy, we integrate sustainability into our daily operations, delivering products and services that contribute to a healthier environment worldwide. With over 4 billion forest trees produced annually across all continents.


We assume responsibility

As a major actor in providing machinery for paper-based growing systems, we prioritize minimizing our carbon footprint. Circularity is essential, and therefore BCC FiberCell uses only high quality recycled plastic material in all growing containers. We minimise travel through video conferencing, and company owned vehicles are electrified and run on solar generated electricity from the company’s own solar panel system. We understand that it is only through a responsible way of acting now, that we can help change the future.

Safety for our employees is paramount. Through continuous improvement processes, we minimize work-related risks and provide refresher training in life-saving measures like CPR and first aid. Our vision is zero work-related accidents.

We are a part of the
responsible forest

FSC® are a global not-for-profit organization and says on their hompage thay they ”sets the standards for what is a responsibly managed forest, both environmentally and socially”. BCC FiberCell is proud to be a part of this by having our papers go through various tests to be awarded certificates that meet these requirements. Some of our papers have been awarded certificates showing that they are made from wood pulp that comes from responsibly managed forestry. Other certificates that our papers have been awarded are that they are made from biodegradable material that is recyclable and compostable.


Innovative approach to sustainable solutions

BCC FiberCell’s highly motivated staff brings extensive experience and diverse educational backgrounds to the table, ensuring our leadership in the industry and delivering cutting-edge solutions for sustainable plant production. Through educational programs, university partnerships, and ongoing dialogue with customers, we foster a culture of continuous learning.

At BCC FiberCell, we cultivate a highly motivational work environment centered around meeting customer needs. Our focus on ongoing learning and collaboration ensures that we remain at the forefront of innovation in our sector.


Commitment to excellence

Our supply chain undergoes meticulous monitoring, with suppliers subjected to rigorous qualification processes to ensure alignment with BCC’s standards. This scrutiny guarantees that our suppliers employ efficient, safe, and sustainable manufacturing methods, enhancing their value as essential assets and promoting a secure work environment for their employees.

By upholding stringent qualification criteria, we ensure that our suppliers meet BCC FiberCell’s standards for efficiency, safety, and sustainability. This not only enhances their value to us but also contributes to a secure work environment for their employees.

Code of conduct

The BCC Code of Conduct acts as a leading star for everyone at BCC. It provides guidelines for how we interact both externally and within the company. This together with a strong culture within the company ensures reaching our highly set goals for social, environmental and quality standards.

Contact us

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