System Integration

System Integration

  • Some of the critical hardware components that need to be considered include:
  • The growing container – does it have the correct features for the specific species and to grow the required target plant?
  • Mechanised production system – scale of automation and mechanisation based on requirement;
  • Propagation facilities – type of growing facilities (e.g. greenhouse, tunnels and nethouses), features to be included, surface areas, layout and orientation, etc;
  • Support systems – gutters, fixed tables, rolling benches or stationary growing frames…. .what is best for the specific customer?
  • Handling systems – most applicable equipment and facilities needed? does it dovetail with the production line and support systems? are operational flows optimised in the nursery?
  • Irrigation and fertigation – most appropriate system for the specific propagation stage.
  • BCC considers all these factors when preparing for a new project, bridging the gaps which could adversely affect the functioning of the nursery. We coordinate with other component suppliers to ensure that the system components tie up to deliver a system that functions as an integrated unit. A well-oiled machine.


Forest nurseries are generally complex facilities consisting of many different components that need to be put together in the best possible way to ensure good quality plants are produced at the end of the day. Throw into this mix variables like climate, species mix, substrate composition, water and nutrition and it becomes an even more intricate system to manage and control.

Since 1987 BCC has helped customers across the world over a wide range of conditions to develop, expand and upgrade their containerised nurseries. This has helped us gain valuable expertise and skill to plan and develop nurseries for our customers, customising setups according to needs and requirements.

It is imperative to ensure full integration of growing systems when planning and designing nursery facilities. Whether this is for a new nursery construction, expanding an existing operation or upgrading old technology. This requires a thorough understanding of customers’ environment, concerns and expectations. Once this is established, the overall design including system components can be prepared.

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