Insert Frame 96

Insert Frame 96

  • L x W x H mm (outside bottom): 517 x 350 x 110
  • L x W x H mm (outside top): 496 x 331 x 110
  • Capacity: Holds 96 insert cells
  • Weight: 695gr +/- 2%
  • Material: High grade PolyPropylene with additives
  • Wall thickness: Approx 2,5mm
  • UV resistant: Yes

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BCC FiberCell inserts allow growers using BCC IF-96, BCC IF-128, Unigro98 or Unigro128 trays, to cost efficiently convert their conventional trays to paper holders. The snap-in design ensures the inserts remain in the tray, effectively converting a loose tray-insert type holder to a fixed holder for paper growing.

Growers therefore do not have to get rid of existing tray stocks if deciding to switch to paper. Should an insert be damaged, it can be removed and replaced – cheaper than to replace complete holders when cavities get damaged. Different configuration and design FC inserts are available for the propagation of a variety of species.

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