FiberCell BioBased Medium

FiberCell BioBased Medium

  • Segment: Herbs, Leafy Greens, Forestry, Flowers, Fruit, Nuts, Barries, Indigenous trees & Ornamentals
  • Production time: Up to 14 months
  • Degradable: Yes
  • Certifications: OK biobased

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We supply a range of paper which degrades naturally over time. In combination with our FiberCell Holders we provide the perfect solution to grow quality seedlings and cuttings.

Our Biobased family combines different biobased fibers to create an environmentally friendly product with the degradation time desired by the customer. This is a paper with a broad range. It is used for propagation of a wide variety of crops.

Key Benefits

  • Biobased material (starch-based)
  • Does not contain any fossil or synthetic plastic
  • Biodegradable
  • Production time up to 14 months (depending on soil conditions)
  • No glue on the paper, self-sealing fibers in material.
  • Perforations allow roots to penetrate through paper for effective air pruning
  • Thin paper (more meters on a roll), which makes it more cost efficient when it comes to freight and logistics

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