FiberCell Batch Mixer

FiberCell Batch Mixer

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) mm: 2661 x 2718 x 2484
  • Hopper capacity (liters): Max 1,5 m3 depending on substate
  • Weight: 1250 kg
  • Standard power supply, V/Hz/Amps: 3x400v+Neutral+GND 50/60hz
  • Power requirement, kW: 5kW

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The new FiberCell Batch Mixer is multifunctional with an integrated feeding belt. This batch mixer comes in two different
variants, as ”Stand alone unit” and as an ”Integrated unit”. The integrated batch mixer communicates with the FiberCell filler
which tells the batch mixer when it requires more substrate to the filler. The integrated batch mixer is controlled from
the FiberCell filler’s control system. The integrated batch mixer requires a compatible filling machine. The stand alone unit
includes its own PLC and HMI for stand alone operation. It does not communicate with the rest of the production line.

The FiberCell Batch Mixer has exchangeable wear plates which are easy to replace and easy to handle. The machine is
automized with a digital control system and remote access system. The watering unit has a built-in timer where it is
easy to set the desired time for watering of the substrate. For the FiberCell Batch Mixer no compressed air is needed
which makes the machine more silent.

Operational Benefits & Key Features

  • Improved design with integrated media feeding belt for more efficient feeding
  • Even and homogeneous mixing of growing media components
  • Short mixing time due to agitator design avoiding damaging of growing substrate structure
  • Quick filling of mixer from Big Bale Dosage Bunker
  • Communication between mixer and filling unit for automatic feeding
  • Self-cleaning rollers in feeding belts ensure longer life
  • Robust construction
  • Built-in timer for easy setting of irrigation time for the substrate
  • Lid with sliding function with built-in safety switch for safe handling during the mixing process

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