4-Row Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

4-Row Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

  • L x W x H (mm): 3400 x 1150 x 2500
  • Weight (kg): 1000
  • Capacity: Up to 36 000 cells/hour
    (Depending on cell lenght, cell diameter and substrate)
  • Electrical Power: 3x400V – 12A
  • Compressed Air: 400-800l at 7 bar depending on size
  • Cell diameter: Row 1: Ø15-40mm, Row 2: Ø15-40mm, Row 3: Ø15-40mm, Row 4: Ø15-40mm
  • Cell length: Adjustable

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Our Semi-automatic FiberCell Fillers are ideal for smaller nurseries.
The machines are designed for efficient operations with low downtime and minimal peatspill with fine cuttings.

The Semi-automatic FiberCell Fillers are compact and simplicity
rules when installing, setting up, operating and maintaining it. Machines designed to perform accurately year after year!

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