4-Row Fully-Automatic FiberCell Filler

4-Row Fully-Automatic FiberCell Filler

  • L x W x H (mm): 8960 x 2140 x 2440
  • Weight (kg): Approx 2000
  • Electrical Power: 3×400 V AC, N, PE, 12A, 4kW
  • Compressed Air: 1000l at 6,5 bar minimum pipe dimension: 18mm
  • Cell diameter: Row 1: Ø15-40mm, Row 2: Ø15-40mm, Row 3: Ø15-40mm, Row 4: Ø15-40mm
  • Cell length: 20 – 70mm


BCC´s FiberCell Filling machines are in the forefront of development. We know there is not a unilateral solution working for all clients around the world. We add our know-how and experience to make sure you get exactly the right set-up to optimize your business.

Our FiberCell filling machines are durable and of the highest quality standards. BCC FiberCell stands for reliability, good functionality, and minimal downtime, which offers our customers high efficiency in their operations.

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