FiberCell Holder


L x W x H mm 555 x 316 x 73
No. cavaties 45
Cells/m2 257
Fibercell Ø mm 54-60

BCC FiberCell- 45 is a holder for FiberCells with a diameter of approx 54-60mm. FiberCell- 45 is made from high quality PP plastic using an advanced mould with several injection points for plastic. The control system, where each injection point is individually controlled ensures an even filling of plastic at an optimal temperature. This ensures no stress is built up in the plastic and a better finish and a longer life span of the product is guaranteed. The product has a design, which ensures durability and all edges and corners are well rounded off to ensure comfortable handling.

The design is optimized to help create strong and healthy plants with a vital root system. The interaction of FiberCell material and holder is crucial for the successful propagation of a top quality rootplug. The smooth surface of the FiberCell-45 makes it easy to clean the product.