Visit to Indonesia in September 2023

Published: 26/02 2024

In September this year, our Senior Nursery Specialists Marco Almedia and Heinz Reinstorf visited a nursery in Indonesia that uses our FiberCell systems. Below is an evaluation of their visit:

Visit to Indonesia in September 2023

”2023 has been an exciting year. I had the opportunity to travel to Indonesia and see the performance of BCC/FiberCell’s system. In the field, the roots are free, and the FiberCell paper is not impending the root development. In addition, the result in the paper pot is better than in the plastic tube. The root system with FiberCell paperpot is better than plastic tubes in a way that the roots is evenly distributed, strong taproots, larger diameter roots, and no coiling/strangling.” – Marco Almeida, Senior Nursery Specialist

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