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We are very happy and proud to present the Dutch company Van Tuijl as our new FiberCell representative for the Dutch and Belgian markets.

Van Tuijl has a history of representing Plant Paper on these markets and is well acquainted with the needs and requirements brought forward by growers in this region. In Van Tuijl we have a great partner that is not only able to give excellent technical service and support but also offers the entire BCC product range in form of growing containers, equipment and machines.

”In Van Tuijl, BCC has found it’s ideal partner to distribute and further the FiberCell concept for the Dutch and Belgian markets. The combined know-how and extensive experience from our two companies will serve our clients well”, says Torsten Karlsson, CEO of BCC.

BCC has a long history in the field of state-of-the-art machine-based solutions for big scale propagation of forest plants all over the world. Some 10 years back BCC made a strategical decision to add a paper-based growing system to its product portfolio. Extensive research to develop the right paper qualities and to design and build the machines needed to excel in this new propagation system commenced and some years later BCC put FiberCell on the market. A complete concept for paper-based growing was born. FiberCell is not only used for forestry plants but has been widely introduced with customers growing agri and horti crops all over the planet.

– ”BCC has a market leadership in containerized growing solutions for the forestry sector worldwide. With the FiberCell concept we are targeting also the horti and agri sectors”, says Torsten Karlsson.

In the fall of 2021, BCC acquired the right to the paper pot filling machines previously sold by the Danish company Plant Paper AS. The addition of these machines to the BCC product portfolio and welcoming members of staff from Plant Paper into the BCC family, has strengthened the company’s position and capabilities further.

New Fibercell paper!

The new paper combines different biobased fibers to create an environmentally friendly product with the degradation time desired by the customer. This paper is used for propagation of a wide variety of crops with impressive results, which ensures you to get your FiberCell paper according to your needs!

BCC are happy to announce the hiring of Marco Almeida

At BCC Plant the Planet we are happy to announce the hiring of Marco Almeida. Marco has a background as forestry consultant. He has extensive experience with more than 30 years in the sector, mainly in Brazil and South America.

Growing root crops

We understand how to design trays for forestry, in order to grow root crops, successfully. When you purchase a FiberCell holder, it comes with decades of experience in forest seedling propagation incorporated in its design.

We are strengthening our FiberCell team further!

We are strengthening our FiberCell team further and would like to welcome Leandro Costa to BCC Plant the Planet. With extensive experience in the industry, he will be a great asset to both customers and the BCC team!