Our 2-row FiberCell Filler is designed for efficient operations with low downtime and minimal peatspill with fine cutting.

The model is compact and simplicity rules when installing, setting up, operating and maintaining it. A machine designed to perform accurately year after year!



An ideal filler for nurseries with 60.000-120.000 cells per 8-hour shift.

The preferred choice for remote areas where access to spares is difficult and technical expertise is limited.

The filler has all the main functions including paper roll feeding, heat gluing, media filling and cell cutting.

Cell length is adjustable 30-120mm.

Cell diameter 15-100mm.

Operating speed adjustable up to a max speed of 0.6 seconds per cell.

Manual placing of cells into holders.

Fillers are equipped with a communication module which allows remote access to the unit for back-up support